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Happy New Year,

    We are grateful for you giving us a few days off during the holidays. Malcom began crawling while we were on vacation.  He only has a reverse gear for now but he will figure out a forward crawl soon.  Bianca started speaking in longer sentences and is growing up to be a little lady.  We didn’t travel far nor did we do much more than spend time together as a family, which is all we needed.  I had chiropractors come visit their families here in Melbourne who adjusted me nearly daily, which I needed very much.

    We are excited and blessed to be open and serving all of you and your families in 2017 and the future.  We are grateful for 2016 and the joy it has brought us.  We adjusted many pregnant mommies and welcomed many newborn babies into the world with their first adjustment, including my son Malcom who was born in 2016. We have helped the families and people we adjust with many different issues get better and see their lives transform.  When we have subluxations effecting how we function internally, it effects how we function externally.  People tell me that they never knew how cloudy they perceived life and the world around them until they were receiving care from us.    Now with a new clarity for 2017 lives will transform and the people around us will be better because we are better.

    If last year was a challenge for you, start this year doing a few things that you really enjoy or as I like to say IN-JOY. Bringing in Joy to our lives makes the hard stuff seem a little easier to move through. Staying well adjusted helps us manage stress much more effectively.  I have had a few families say that while we were on vacation they were stressed out and at each other’s throats because they needed to be adjusted.  So stay well adjusted and IN-JOY life and please don’t let the challenges define you.  You are special to us and we love to care for you and your families.  Have a blessed and wonderful 2017. 

Chiropractically Yours

Haig, Roberta, Chance, Bianca and Malcom


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My husband was coming and said great things. I am feeling more balance and less pain. My kids love coming to see Dr. Haig and ask for more visits!!!

- K.G.

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